Minia University

The College of Medicine,Minia University was founded in accordance with Republican Decree 1142 issued in 1976.

Classes started at it in the academic year 1983/1984. Through its hospitals and medical centers,the College seeks to provide high-quality medical services and comprehensive health care to the local community of the Minia region in Upper Egypt.

It also seeks to cope with the latest developments in medical sciences, modern equipment and trained medical cadres in addition to extending the umbrella of this care to cover all members of the community at all levels and at anytime .

The College of Medicine,Minia University was founded in order to provide the elements of high-caliber medical education, including professors, laboratories, modern curricula and learning resources, with the aim of graduating physicians capable of implementing proper health care practices in Egypt and abroad; and guarantee continuing medical education for graduate students, thereby increasing the proficiency of physicians offering proper and sophisticated medical services to all nationals

On November, 25th 1976, Cabinet Decree 1142 was issued, involving the foundation of the College of Medicine at Minia University, which was supervised by Professor Yahia Shaheen, Minia University Former President.

Classes started at the College in the academic year 1983/1984, with 99 Minia-Governorate students transferred from other medical schools.

In 1987, Republican Decree 389 involved the attachment of the Minia Educational Hospital buildings to Minia University. The inaugural class, including 90 physicians, graduated in the academic year 1988/1989.

In order to enhance the development of education at the College and improve the professional level of students and graduates, a new bylaw administered by Student Affairs has been applied to enrolled students since the academic year 2005/2006.

The College completed the first annual report of the academic year2005/2006, which is the first stage of accreditation requirements.

Address – Minya, Menia Governorate,The public road, the land of Shalaby,Egypt

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