Fayoum university

Fayoum University (FU)  is a public university located in the Egyptian city of Faiyum in northern Egypt. From 1976 to 2005, Fayoum University was a public institution within the University of Cairo. In August 2005, it was established as an independent campus with 2,000 faculty members and enrollment of about 25. 000 students. The city of Fayoum is an oasis located approximately 63 miles southwest of Cairo and is noted for its agricultural production and tourism.

In 1975, the Faculty of Education in Fayoum was established as one of the faculties affiliated to Cairo University.In 2018, the university held a well-attended sand skiing event in Fayoum with students from around Egypt joining in. Fayoum University offers undergraduate programs and graduate programs, as well as open education opportunities via its 14 faculties.

University Facilities

The University’s Campus that lies on an area of 50 acres and is located in El-Gamaa area.
*The new campus that lies on an area of 100 acres in Kom Oshim Zone, north of Fayoum Governorate.
* The Fayoum University Administration Building which houses the Council Chambers, President, Vice Presidents, and associated support staff.
*The Main Hall with a capacity of 1000 seats and is equipped with the state-of-the-art audio devices, lighting and central air-conditioning.
*The University Housing i.e. Dormitories with a capacity of 4500 students.
*The Central Printing House, the Central Restaurant and the Medical Department.

Library Facilities: Fayoum University libraries own more than 67043 Arabic books and 30366 foreign books.

With its full capacity of 350 beds, the Fayoum University Hospital renders top-notch medical services to the citizens of Fayoum. It is also a center for educational and medical services.

Nowadays, the university includes 20 faculties which are as follows: Education, Agriculture, Engineering, Social Work, Dar Al-Uloum, Science, Tourism and Hotels, Specific Education, Archeology, Medicine, Arts, Computers and Information, Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Nursing as well as Technical Institute for Nursing, Institute for Research and Strategic studies of Nile Basin Countries, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law and Physical Education.

Fayoum Faculty of Medicine is a large medical school undertaking teaching and research in health and medicine of international standing. It aims to prepare a physician who has a grasp of all medical information which can help to recognize the clinical signs of various diseases and changes resulting from these diseases; and hence, diagnosing them correctly.

Also, the faculty seeks to create a healthy atmosphere for an effective communication between the physician and the patient through emphasizing the need for full respect for all patients regardless of their marital status, culture and religious beliefs, taking into account giving each patient enough time to clarify his sickness and gain affection and confidence of the attending physician.

Address –  Qesm Al Fayoum, Faiyum, Faiyum Governorate, Egypt

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