Kafr El-Sheikh University

The Faculty of Human Medicine – University of Kafr al-Sheikh was established by Presidential Decree No. (595) for the year (2013).

The College was established, equipped and furnished by Prof. Dr. Majid Abdel Tawab El-Qomary, President of the University and General Supervisor of the Faculty of Medicine, and prepared the economic and social feasibility study.

 The study began in the academic year (2013/2014), and was the temporary headquarters of the College building of the Faculty of Science.

The Faculty of Medicine opened on Saturday 10/5/2014 in the presence of Dr. Wael Al-Dajwa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, accompanied by Advisor / Mohamed Ezzat Ajwa, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh and Prof. Majid El-Qarami, President of the University. .

The university hospital building was built to be the main nucleus for future vertical expansion in the field of establishing specialized medical centers in stages, especially that the basic rule represented by the Faculty of Medicine and the university hospital is already on the ground.

Prof. Dr. Hassan El-Sayed El-Bata, Professor of Liver, Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases, was assigned to the Faculty of Medicine, Kafr El-Sheikh University, to carry out the duties and duties of the Dean of the College on 15/1/2015 by Decree No. 7137.

The university hospital had 500 patient beds capacity on approval of the Supreme Council of Universities on its meeting dated 9/3/2013 with reference to Item (1) article (307) of the university laws and regulations. Prof. Elkemary, university president has undertaken the design, and establishment process. The experimental operation of the hospital had three stages starting in September 2016. The full operation of the hospital was done in February 2017. In the academic year 2016/ 2017, 4th year medical students began their clinical sessions. Outpatient clinics in the university hospital provide the best comprehensive medical services at an international level at reasonable costs in all specializations. They are open daily except Friday. 

General Surgery Department at Kafrelsheikh University Hospital has a group of highly skilled doctors in this field to provide the medical service necessary for outpatient clinics, surgical emergency, operations, advanced surgical endoscopies and Oncology Surgery as well as follow-up of patients after operations. The university provides the latest medical devices and equipment, endoscopes and advanced operation rooms to match the standards applicable to global hospitals, which is a medical breakthrough and cultural transition of the province and entire Delta.

Address – Qism Kafr El-Shaikh, Kafr Al Sheikh First, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate 33516, Egypt

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