Benha University

Benha University is an Egyptian university in the Egyptian city of Benha, the capital of Al Qalyubiyah governorate.

It was established according to a decree on 25 November 1976 as a branch from Zagazig University in Benha, with the faculties of Commerce, Education, Agriculture of Moshtohor, Engineering of Shobra and Medicine.

In 1981–1982, the faculties of Arts, Science of Benha and Veterinary Medicine of Moshtohor were founded. On 1 August 2005 it became an independent university from Zagazig University. The previous president of the university is Professor Hosam-ed-din Mohammad Al-Attar and then professor Mohamed Safwat Zahran, now Professor Ali Shams Aldeen

 Faculty of Medicine is one of Benha University colleges. Established by Presidential Decree No. 1143 of 25/1/1976. Faculty of Medicine, is the ninth in terms of the date of its establishment.The study began in undergraduate study fourth year and was started in the fourth year in1977/1978.Start to accept transfers to the students of the faculties of medicine and the other that takes into consideration the acceptance of students from the province and neighboring provinces Qaliubya.College began to accept the first division in the first year in 1981/1982 and the number of such students is 50 students .The transfer system to the bachelor’s acceptance of the troupe as well as the first to complete all stages in the 1984 / 1985. The number of students who accept the First Division in 2002 / 2003 (450 students).

Faculty of Medicine is considered the 9th  Faculty in Egypt in terms of the date of its establishment.

The Faculty includes;

1Hall of Meetings for the Faculty Council at the 7th floor.
2The Faculty library at the 8th floor, it is also supplied by printer, computers, internet and Arabic and English references.
3Great hall of Exams at the land floor, it is air conditioned and bears 350 students.
4Medical Education Center at the 7th floor and equipped with all educational methods.
5The 1st great stand which bears 500 students.
6The 2nd great stand which bears 500 students.

Address – Qism Banha, Banha, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

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