Mansoura University

Faculty of Medicine is the first nucleus of Mansoura University was established in 1962, presidential decree No. 1647 as a branch of the College of Medicine – Cairo University, where the study began college in the same year and then the University of East Delta established by Law No. 49 of 1972 was amended called to Mansoura University in 1973. celebrated this year the college has a diamond jubilee. The college has thirty-three scientific departments, ten academic departments Ted

Taught basic medical sciences, and twenty-three section clinically studied medical science clinical. The School of Medicine, Mansoura University, the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, where the college is applied to two undergraduate and two bachelor’s traditional program and Mansoura – Manchester. The term of study for undergraduate students six years of study is divided into two phases: The first phase of a three-year academic clinical second three-year phase, followed by a year of excellence and will graduate in the current academic year 2013-2014 the second installment of the program Mansoura – Manchester. The college also awarded master’s degrees in 35 majors and doctoral degrees in 37 major. Followed by the total of eight specialized medical centers (kidney surgery center and urinary tract – gastrointestinal surgery center, Outstanding program and followed by a liver transplant – Emergency Hospital – Medicine and Surgery Center Alaaon- Hospital-Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist University Children – Oncology Center burns and cosmetic surgery center) in addition to the hospital Mansoura University Hospital critical situations and convalescence, which consists of seven innings on 650 m2 and three units of space special character (unit of fertility – and infection Control unit -ouhdh conversational)

The three centers under construction is the Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery Center obstetrics and gynecology and the Centre for Neurology, which was opened outpatient them. And work is underway on the establishment of Cardiothoracic Surgery Hospital and processing psychiatric hospital in addition to the completion of the replacement and renovation of gastrointestinal surgery center has been fully equipped for the role of liver transplantation.

Also work is underway to create the educational building of the Faculty of Medicine. These medical centers serving private educational process in the college undergraduate and graduate phases where clinical training for students within the hospital departments.These centers that serve the research process in addition to its outstanding performance in the delivery of health services to the community and to patients in the province of Dakahlia and Delta governorates and Lower Egypt, as well as all over Egypt.

Address –  Dakahlia Governorate , Street, Republic, Mansoura (Section 2),Egypt

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