Cairo University

CAIRO UNIVERSITY,FACULTY OF MEDICINE the largest and oldest medical Institute in the Middle East. It was established in year 1827, along 180 years thousands of doctors graduated and millions of Patients were treated. The name of Kasr El Ainy will always mean treatment of poor patients; famous graduates spreading all over raising its name. Since its establishment it has been committed on providing the quality education through theory and practical knowledge and preparing students for the challenge of rapidly changing workplace. Develop an outstanding and honourable primary care physician, who follows medical ethics and is ready for lifelong learning. Training of  professional, specialized graduate able to conduct research and apply national and international standards of medical care.

The faculty has been founded in 1827. It comprises about 35 sections in different medical specializations. Number of studying years of the faculty is five years as well as the training year, concession period. English is the language of studying. The faculty grants Bachelor, Post-Graduate Diploma, Master, and Doctorate degrees. Through various new information technologies and Interactive learning, the graduates can confidently enter the work force with needed skills to survive in today’s global marketplace. It is a Government Medical College with highest number of patients flow. Meeting the world standard Cairo University is recognized by WHO, ECFMG,WFME,MCI ,NMC ,BDMC, MMC as well.

This giant Medical Institute Constitutes nine University hospitals, more than five thousand beds, more than ten Thousand clerks; and more than three thousand staff members. The hospitals accept more than 1.8 million patients every year.

The Cairo University hospitals

The Cairo University hospitals affiliated to The Faculty of Medicine comprise more than 5200 beds representing the largest medical institution in the Middle East and probably one of the largest centres in the world. Kasr El-Aini is considered a symbol of the medical profession in Egypt, a stronghold of science and culture, and a towering image of human mercy. Hence, the founding date of Kasr El-Aini on March 11, 1827 was appointed as the day of the annual festival for the Egyptian medical profession.

Address – Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University, Internal Medicine Department,Internal Medicine hospital, Kasr A Ainy St-Cairo- Egypt.11562


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