Assiut University

Assiut University Faculty of Medicine (AUFOM) was established in 1960. Being the oldest medical school in Upper Egypt, AUFOM serves as the Upper Egypt largest academic health complex that combines medical education, biomedical research, patient care and community outreach services.

Assiut University Hospitals is considered one of the largest educational and therapeutic university hospitals at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt. This large medical edifice in its new dress was inaugurated by Mr. President / Mohamed Hosni Mubarak in 1987 AD, where the total number of university hospitals reached nearly three thousand beds, 92% of which are free beds and 8 % Of private and economic treatment beds and contracts with governmental and non-governmental agencies, the revenue of which is allocated to the needs of the free department and patients who are unable to

The outpatient clinics receive about one million patients annually from all governorates of Upper Egypt, from Beni Suef in the north to Aswan, Halayeb and Shaltin in the south, in addition to patients in the governorates of the New Valley and the Red Sea. Assiut University hospitals are developing a strategy for the development of Assiut governorate in the field of preventive and health affairs until 2022 AD, divided into four five-year plans,

It has also set a development plan for the New Valley Governorate in the field of health affairs until 2027 AD. University hospitals have taken upon themselves the responsibility of training the medical and nursing staff at the Ministry of Health, so they hold training courses in all medical fields for doctors, technicians and the nursing staff, and the training extended to include doctors from brotherly Arab countries and the administration of Assiut University. I found that it is its duty to set preference to cover the needs of university hospitals in terms of medical equipment and supplies, infrastructure and services to serve the community and develop the environment.

Assiut University hospitals organize medical convoys to places that are deprived of specialized medical services throughout Assiut Governorate, and the caravan activity extended to the New Valley Governorate and the Red Sea Governorat.

    Address – Kornish Al Ibrahimeya,Martyr Street Major General Ahmed Kamel Al Qasr Road, Asyut Second, Assiut Governorate, Egypt

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